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Keep on pushing

A week on, and I'm almost there with a speedy carbon fiber bike - courtesy of Terry Wright Cyles- Market Deeping. A wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable (thank goodness- as I'm clueless) cycle shop have recognised my potential in triathlon, reaching this level on my 'iron horse' as they called it and in my first open water event proving to be impressive. So my sights have been set higher and goal posts heightened now I have been offered a carbon fibre 'specialized' women's Amira IN THE RIGHT SIZE!! Extrememely excited, looking at world qualifyers and Olympic distance triathlons, and maybe even duathlon!

I just need to find the final £500 sponsorship. Oh yeah- and the entry fees for Geneva and GB kit.

Kind friends such as Lloyd McAuliffe (Oscars Wine Bar, R&N Direct Grantham) and Terry Ballaam Car Mechanics have enabled me to cover the costs of entry to Geneva - huge thanks and examples of kindness.

So next up - I have applied to Lincolnshire County Council Elite Athlete programme, have been shown huge support by Greenwood Academy Trust in discussing how I can promote sport to the pupils and staff, BBC radio interview (30th Sept),newspaper articles, Steve Billinghurst kindly fixing my muscles when needed, and my awesome Personal Trainer Claire Steeles (https://www.facebook.com/ClaireSteelsPersonalTraining) supporting my motivation, sanity, training, and her father's enthusiasm.

I have also set up a 'makeachamp' campaign! So lets see how this works - www.makeachamp/abischofield

Whilst rinsing my brain of all logic to work out how I can make my dreams happen, Equinox 24 has also rinsed my sleep pattern, my toe-nails, whilst my stomach is telling me that is has an issue with food at the moment. I spent 24 hours with Belvior Triathlon Team, fantastic people of all ages, personalities and backgrounds, running up and down horrendous hills through the night, fog and rain. A few issues may need to be discussed on here in the near future.

But I'm keeping on pushing, peddling, swimming, my luck and just about everything and anything else. We're only here once right? so lets make it happen. I'll sleep when I'm dead. When I've achieved what I want - in more than just sporting terms and taken every opportunity that comes my way.

Belvoir Triathlon Club....what a team
Belvoir Triathlon Club....what a team
Belvoir Triathlon Club....what a team

Belvoir Triathlon Club....what a team

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melania 12/29/2017 12:29

some topics on shape also, are very informative that will help the visitors in staying healthy.

abi 09/22/2014 22:50

Will keep going wendy! Thanks lovely x

wendy 09/22/2014 21:41

Abi as always great post. Keep it up. X