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The Big GB

So, its been a while. What can I say? new job, new home, new friends, new clubs...oh yes and a GB squad qualification. Lovely.
Its been rather mad to say the least, I feel like I'm on a cloud floating in a life that I have always wished for. Training so hard throughout my teenage years was tough, especially balancing school and battling to see through the haze that is hormones. I achieved my goals in swimming fair enough, I got to a high standard, competing nationally and with swimmers who are now a Olympic and Commonwealth level, but I felt I had to choose between giving a-levels my all or swimming. I chose a-levels and the swimming took a back seat. Of course therefore my times got slower and so my motivation to train dwindled and by the time I was at university, swimming was just another social 'get-together' that became mainly in nightclubs.
But I fell in love with running, and rekindled my fascination and addiction to competing and training in my third year of university. It filled that hole in my heart and brain, which had been gaping for two years. I needed the discipline, routine, and self-pride that sport gave me. Raising money in the process of running the London Marathon made me realise that sport is an amazing vehicle for inspiring others and becoming a role model to the children I teach. So ramble over... I'm back. This time its going to be big. The goals, the dreams are coming out of my ears. Just one problem..
I can cope with being tired, early mornings, never-ending loads of washing, having more sports clothing than normal...one thing I cannot cope with right now is the sheer extent of financial drainage sport is having on me. Furthermore, now qualified for GB, its about to get worse. I need a sponsor. I have a lot to give. I like to talk. I like to promote sport. Its what I do naturally, so you'd think it would be easy to find a company who is willing to help me in return for my pure determination and passion. Just for a bike that fits me and is adequate to access the power in my legs and cardiovascular system into full-on speed is going to be around a £1000 at the least - seriously?? I haven't even spent that on a car yet!! Then the kit...so I havnt even looked yet, because I'm terrified, from what I have been told..we are £95 for a jacket..wow. Then there is the entry costs and travel to Geneva (European Sprint Triathlon Champs in July). How on earth am I going to continue in a sport I have just made the country's team for is beyond me right now. The sad thing is, its not because of my body, training, family support or anything that I would normally describe as a barrier in progression.
Researching I have found that if you are in higher education you can get a fair amount of funding through local councils and UK sport etc, I have found a few schemes which I have applied for (Lincs County Council- LEAP) but still I feel over-whelmed and anxious about the financial issues surrounding me right now. Do I just give up on the GB team?? I know I would regret it immensely, but right now I also have a fantastic new job, a lovely new home with a fantastic partner, a brilliant family, and also my health, all of which need my full attention and energy.

Overall a anxiety filled blog post with a side serving of excitement and a glass of hope.

Big Cow Sprint Triathlon... My birthday weekend!
Big Cow Sprint Triathlon... My birthday weekend!
Big Cow Sprint Triathlon... My birthday weekend!
Big Cow Sprint Triathlon... My birthday weekend!
Big Cow Sprint Triathlon... My birthday weekend!

Big Cow Sprint Triathlon... My birthday weekend!

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sports 10/10/2016 11:53

Quickly this site will indisputably be famous among all blogging people, because of its fastidious articles or reviews.

James 09/18/2014 09:47

Nice blog, a little tip for T1, I notice you still have your swim hat and googles on. Take these off as you come out of the water and when you take your arms out of your wetsuit leave the hat a googles in the arm of the wetsuit.

abi 09/18/2014 16:07

Thanks! Well am gonna try my best to get sponsorship!

James 09/18/2014 15:59

right that makes sense :0) great achievement in your first year, I really hope you manage to sort out sponsorship to get to Geneva. Unfortunately top level amateur sport is usually all about those that can afford to pay to go to the competitions and not the ones that actually qualify.

abi 09/18/2014 11:49

They are prescription goggles...i am very short sighted!