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Training vs Tanning

Today I walked into a beauty salon, a salon where women walk in day in day out intending to be transformed, polished, rubbed, waxed or inked.

As a girl who embraces a muddy trail, a sweaty 20 miler, nettle stings, blisters, saddle sore bum and darting around in swimming costume sometimes I walk in these places and feel out of place. It seems pointless having my back massaged when tomorrow I'm going to knot it right back up again. It seems silly having a facial when later I'll have sweat, flies and snot stuck to my face.

However every month I get my nails done (acrylic), I go on a sunbed (naughty naughty) occasional pedicure (poor therapist), eyebrows tattooed and hair high-lighted. Just to remind myself, I am still worth the pampering, the tingly feeling of looking nice, the comments on my tanned legs at a race and the amazing feeling of soft skin after a massage.

An idea I had today whilst peddling down the hill home... a beauty range for sportswomen, beauty treatments for women? How can sport be given that feminine edge? When thinking and listening to women my age who detest sweat, mud and lactic acid, their sheer horror of feeling so thoroughly disgusting after and during sport, it makes me wonder if there is a more glamorous, pretty way to take on the stickiness and ache of sport?

So recently I stopped wearing foundation - I suppose out of sheer laziness. It meant that running after work didn't mean getting covered in beige sweat as I always seem to forget to take it off. I kind of forgot about it, until a 7 year old in my class said to me 'Miss Schofield, your not wearing make-up' oh, maybe training and sport isn't an excuse to lay off making an effort, an effort for myself and the people around me. I went for my first fish pedicure last week - why? My feet had enough hard skin to feed a sea of the poor little fish. I knew that I needed to tell myself that despite my feet are battered and will be over and over again, they deserve a rest, a pamper, a little effort.

So- my conclusion, sport is no reason to let it all go. Go get your hair done. Be the runner with bright pink nails, tanned legs and waterproof mascara! Believe me, your smile and performance will be a whole lot bigger.

Top Tips-

Baby wipes are AMAZING. buy packs, keep one in your car, gym bag, work drawer, and always ready at the end of a run (or any sport)

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