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So I'm thoroughly inspired and ready to take it all on.

Generally in life I am incessantly hyper-active and in 'taking over the world' mode. Recently described as 'Duracell'. Until I hit my wall of anxiety. Focus leaves me, doubt fills me and my brain doesn't feel like mine anymore. So thats why I leap straight back to sport, or teaching.

Then I find myself exposed to people who lift me up in the air and whip me back to reality. This week it has been done twice. Crazy!

So after feeling like a crazed zombie for 24 hours, I went to watch my friend run an ultramarathon. I ran/walked the final 10 miles of 40 with her. She is also a mother of 4 and has already run two incredible marathons this year, may I just add to the mix. When she came at 30 miles she looked like...well what you would expect after 30 miles. Pain, ache and hurt. However in those last ten I tried my hardest to pull her through emotionally to overcome her physical pain. She did it. Over 4 days later I'm still fizzing with pride and inspiration.

Two days later I ran the run leg of a triathlon with fellow teammates. This showed me the power of sport, being part of a team and that age is definitely no limit on performance and progress. When I sat exhausted and complaining about a 10km run there were amazing people who had done the entire three stage race in the 70-75 age group. Truly inspiring. Abi shut your face and put it in perspective. Pain for a few hours is nothing on the real achievement of pushing your mental and physical limits to reach your potential, push it, crush it and inspire others. We dont know how long we are here for, it could be 60 more years or 6 hours, sad to say but its a fact. Take the good with the bad and take on the challenge.

So.. September holds a new job, a challenge I didnt think i'd get to take so soon. My GB qualifying triathlon, my first and longest bike race and now equinox 24. Only one thing needs to stay in place. My Duracell battery. My 'look on the bright side' 'shit happens' kinda attitude and to avoid falling off my tracks back into worry mode and back to the devil on my shoulder.

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Ruth Jones 08/06/2014 00:11

Brilliant blog Abi! Totally agree with all you say, look forward to lots more training runs together ; )