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Why does money not grow on trees?

So running seems to be a sport where money buys you great trainers (apparently you need like 3 pairs?!) miracle-inducing sports nutrition, over-priced earphones and sparkly lycra leggings. That hurt my bank account enough. Entering races for £15 seemed extortionate.

Then..I tried triathlon. Oh dear lord. Money buys it all. Speed, popularity, attractiveness. Sorry but if a bike costs £4000 I would expect it to be bloody rocket fuelled, and a wetsuit costing £200 meeds to do the swimming for me.

When discussing entering a qualifier triathlon in September I am going to have a bash at, my coach said 'be prepared for lots of girls with lots of shiny equipment'

What is this!? Some sort of peacock type display of money and hierarchy!?

I suppose there are many arguments for and against this, and right now I will brew over them while I run (in my £90 new trainers) and get back to you later. X

Why does money not grow on trees?
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