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New beginnings.

So on Friday I move into a new flat in Market Deeping. This will be the first time I move out since University. Space is very much needed from my parents, and I have defo got to the age where I need to have my own home. I will be moving in with my partner Chris, this will be the first time I have lived with a boyfriend. So...massive change!!

Too add to this, I start a new job in September, in a new area of teaching altogether. As i have only just passed my NQT year, I am so nervous, yet excited to broaden my teaching skills and experience!

Where will sport fit into this? Well, I am joining different clubs for social reasons (Werrington Joggers & PACTRAC) and being trained by Stefan Lawrence for triathlon. Also joining Deepings leisure centre for pool/gym and Tallington Lakes to swim. Get ready for my next venture....pole dancing. 4 week programme booked! Loving a new challenge, hoping it will strengthen my upper body and increase my flexibility! (Also, allowing me to pull some moves on a night out!)

So all change, change effects different people in different ways, am optimistic this will all go well, help our relationship, my independence, career and love of sport!

When teaching pshe in school, we discussed change with the children. Its interesting to think and reflect on all the change you have been through in life, how far we have come and how well we have coped. Life is a constant conveyor belt of new challenges, one thing you can always be sure of is change. Embrace it. It keeps life interesting, with every low there will be a high. In every run there will be a low point, but also a moment of joy. What will be will be! Ride it out and be thankful that life is full of surprises, smile, relax and look forward, but also remember how far you've come.

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