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Chalk & Cheese

Being observant means not just seeing objects and materialistic things, it also means interpreting and analysing behaviour and feelings. In teaching we observe children working, learning and playing and use this to figure out ways to support that child's learning and happiness. Sometimes however I find myself 'people-watching', I love just watching, taking in whats I can see and wondering about the feelings, situations and relationships behind the actions displayed. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this day-dream; sit in a coffee shop/park/pub for an hour and try it.

Recently this has made me think deeper about relationships and how they work, especially in sport. After a recent discussion with my partner Chris, about another couple we know, I have come to think about the different types of relationships. Chris and I in some respects are complete opposites, such as he prefers to watch sport, relax and loves cars, I however am a fidget, I cannot sit and do nothing, I am very competitive, an addictive personality and am constantly on the go, however am hopeless with anything mechanical. On the other hand we love some of the same things, the countryside, cooking, restaurants , shopping and holidays. But when it comes to sport, we are so very much 'chalk and cheese'

I totally wouldn't change that!

I love it, I like to have 'my thing' and being in a relationship with someone who is similar to me, crushes me and literally drives me nuts.

Couple's I have met in sport I can see some are just like us, one is the supportive partner, others do sport together, training and competing, and it baffles me! I am in total awe of how it doesn't come between them and how they don't compete with each other!?

In conclusion, once again I re-emphasise how sport brings you to your truest form of you, it takes you to your core and strips away your armour. So whether your partner is the one holding your bag at the end with a hug, or is running/cycling/swimming next to you, they get the pleasure of having you in your most genuine version. Seeing you covered in sweat, blood, mud and emotionally charged and accepting you, supporting and loving you.

Chalk & Cheese
Chalk & Cheese
Chalk & Cheese
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